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Centro congressi Federico II


Optics for Mediterranean Blue Growth

The 2020 INO Annual Symposium

will be a unique opportunity for Italian and foreign scientists, from research institutions and academia, to discuss the potential of optical technologies in applications to environmental issues, agriculture and cultural heritage. A special session will be devoted to the presentation of recent scientific results by INO researchers.


Work in progress

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Scientific Committee

  • P. De Natale (CNR-INO)
  • A. Farini (CNR-INO)
  • L. Palchetti (CNR-INO)
  • N. Fabbri (CNR-INO)
  • A. Ponzoni (CNR-INO)
  • E. Tognoni (CNR-INO)
  • I. Carusotto (CNR-INO)
  • M. De Rosa (CNR-INO)
  • R. Cristiano (SPIN)

  • G. De Natale (INGV-OV)
  • I. Rendina (CNR-ISASI)
  • D. Calonico (INRIM)
  • L. Santamaria (ASI)
  • L. Gianfrani (UniCAMPANIA)
  • D. Iudicone (SZN)
  • L. Lista (UniNA & INFN)
  • G. Galzerano (CNR-IFN & POLIMI)
  • Guido D’Urso (UniNA)

Organizing Committee

  • G. Gagliardi (CNR-INO)
  • P. Maddaloni (CNR-INO)
  • P. Malara (CNR-INO)
  • A. Rocco (CNR-INO)
  • C. Addeo (CNR-INO)
  • S. Arminio (CNR-INO)

  • G. Notariale (CNR-INO)
  • E. Baldanzi (CNR-INO)
  • M. Bellini (CNR-INO)
  • R. Fontana (CNR-INO)
  • G. Pepe (UniNA)
  • A. Sasso (UniNA)

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Travel Information

Centro Congressi Federico II

Via Partenope, 36
80121 Napoli NA


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Poster Session

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