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23 – 25 November

The 2020 Virtual Conference


Quantum for Renaissance

The 2020 INO Annual Symposium

will be a unique platform for distinguished Italian and foreign scientists, from both research institutions and academia, to discuss the role of photonics in the emerging fields of quantum simulation/computing, sensing and communication. As of tradition, the conference will also represent the opportunity to share CNR-INO highlights presented by many young scientists, thus drawing an updated picture of the Institute main research lines.

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Keynote speakers


  • Roberto Aiello
  • Saverio Bartalini
  • Fernando Brandi
  • Regina Comparetto
  • Giacomo Cappellini
  • Jacopo Catani
  • Francesca Cella Zanacchi
  • Maja Colautti
  • Luigi Consolino
  • Caterina Credi
  • Gabriele Cristoforetti
  • Giulia Delli Santi
  • Samuele Fanetti
  • Alessandro Farini
  • Carlo Gabbanini
  • Federico Gorelli
  • Woo Jin Kwon
  • Giacomo Lamporesi
  • Giuseppe Lombardo
  • Maria Raffaella Martina
  • Alessandra Rocco
  • Sara Mattana
  • Giacomo Mazzamuto
  • Francesco Meinardi
  • Oliver Morsch
  • Daniele Panetta
  • Luca Pezzati
  • Andrea Ponzoni
  • Luca Pezzè
  • Ilaria Vagniluca
  • Angelo Volpi
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Scientific Committee

  • P. De Natale
  • J. Catani
  • R. Fontana
  • L. Labate
  • P. Maddaloni
  • P. Malara
  • L. Sacconi
  • L. Silvestri
  • A. Smerzi

Organizing Committee

  • Elisabetta Baldanzi
  • Marco Bellini
  • Alessandro Farini
  • Gianluca Gagliardi
  • Leonida Gizzi
  • Alessio Montori
  • Gianluca Notariale
  • Anna Pelagotti

  • Marco Raffaelli
  • Alessandra Rocco
  • Giacomo Roati
  • Andrea Sordini
  • Elisabetta Tognoni


MON. 23


Quantum Optics, Information and Metrology

chair: M. Bellini

12:30 – end of session


Cold Matter and Quantum Simulation

chair: G. Roati

18:25 – end of session

TUE. 24

Extreme light and matter

chair: L. Gizzi

12:30 – end of session

Sensors, Spectroscopy and Communications

chair: G. Gagliardi

  • 15:30 – A. Alù
    City University of New York, USA
    Harnessing Broken Symmetries in Metamaterials for Sensing Applications
  • 16:05 – J. Catani
    When science builds technologies: recent on-field Visible Light Communications (VLC) tests in the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella
  • 16:25 – A. Ponzoni
    Sustainable and eco-friendly technologies: the case of cellulose as material for low-cost gas sensors
  • 16:45 – Off-topic: O. Graydon
    Chief Editor of Nature Photonics
    A discussion on scientific publishing
  • 17:20 – G. Delli Santi
    New application fields for ultrasensitive SCAR spectroscopy: from biofuels to nuclear decommissioning
  • 17:40 – L. Consolino
    QCL comb based frequency metrology

18:00 – end of session

WED. 25

Heritage Science, Vision Science,

Solar Energy and Optical Design

chair: R. Fontana

12:30 – end of session


chair: L. Sacconi


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Please note that, as the Conference is already in progress, there may be delays in activating your login link.